My 8 years old niece’s view on Corona:

“Auntie come and visit us!
I don’t go to school and everything is closed
If you come, we can play all day
I know !
Put your mask and gloves on and go to the airport
There they point something like a gun at you
If you don’t have Corona, they let you come“

Interested to know how your child(ren) or the children around you experience Corona?

Kids & Corona is a project focused on worldwide children’s participation in a painting project to express their feelings about the corona crisis.
This project is divided into three steps:

First, we would like to invite all young people to make a drawing about the current corona situation and in this way share with us their feelings and experiences.

Second, we will collect and document all paintings as a historical report of corona crisis from children’s point of view.

Third, the vast collection of children’s paintings will be exhibited online and will also be presented to museums for public exhibition.

How to participate:

Ask your own children, students or children around you from 3 to 15 years old to draw a painting about corona.

On the drawing, write:
– First name of the child (optional)
– Age
– Gender
– Name of your country.
– What your child has created (in a short sentence)

Participation is free of charge

Send the drawing to us via:
below upload form

Upload your drawing



We thank you in advance for your participation