” Some early paintings and drawings are not pictures of things, but they are representations in a fuller sense, in that they record the children process of attention to objects and events. Far from being meaningless, the early paintings and drawings are products of a complex or family of representational and expressive modes ” (Matthew 1999, pp. 20-21).

Artistic Education initiates projects and ideas to connect to the child’s daily life via participatory visual-artistic methods.  It is founded on the importance of child’s actions in each project which give visibility to the voice and rights of a child as a global citizen.

Kids & Corona in the News

Ons Almere one of the most popular newspapers in Almere spreads ” Kids & Corona” among locals .

kids and corona

Kids & Corona

Kids & Corona is a global painting project inviting all the children around the world to make drawings about their thoughts and experiences during this Corona period
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